Woodcut Music x NZ Music Commission Present:

Free Online Music Producer Training Programme

Woodcut Music has created a Music Producer Training Programme for young up-and-coming Music Producers. This 12-week program will be run entirely online so it can reach and be accessed by talent from all around New Zealand.

Woodcut has worked with countless Music Producers over the years, and along with these established partners are offering guidance and mentoring to develop and produce music, and providing a platform which this music can then be published via their APRA/AMCOS Production Music business.

The programme will support and encourage emerging Producers to create music for licensing as Production Music, building awareness of this additional revenue stream while at the same time providing training in important skills and methods necessary to create music in a commercial setting.


Who is Woodcut Music?

Woodcut Music has been a part of the New Zealand music scene for over 20 years, running two successful indie music record labels (Empire Records & Move The Crowd Records) as well as a music publishing business. Woodcut was the first New Zealand music publisher to become members of APRA/AMCOS.


Programme Mission

To develop and nurture New Zealand music production talent.


What do you need to be a part of this programme?

  • A talented producer capable of creating high quality music.

  • Access to a production studio with a DAW

  • A good internet connection capable of video calls.

  • Able to commit up to 8 hours a week for 12 weeks to complete the program - over Aug/Sept/Oct (based on 2 hours a week of workshops and tutorials, and 6 hours of your own production time).

We’d love to hear about you and your music... register your interest in the programme below...
Do you have access to a decent internet connection, and are you able to commit at least 8 hours a week for 12 weeks to the programme?

Thanks for your registration. We will be in touch ASAP. Cheers Woodcut